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Consultancy, Strategy & Investments



EvE CSI - Erick van Engeland, Consultancy, Strategy & Investments
Erick van Engeland has been a senior investment advisor and manager since 1992. Working as an institutional stockbroker he built an extensive network of reputable investment professionals on both sides of the Atlantic and, incremental to this, as an investment manager in London he ran European stock portfolios, gaining valuable insights into the 'Buy-side'. Earlier in his career, and adding extra insight,  he was responsible for selling investment portfolio optimisation techniques and services to professional European investors.

Erick strongly believes that the combination of this experience, with a healthy dose of common sense added to this deep understanding of markets, allows the construction of resilient investment portfolios, or indeed advice on their construction. His style bias leans towards value investing, and to this effect Erick believes it is crucial to understand both companies' business models and the financials that support them. As a strategic and lateral thinker his instinct is to steer away from businesses which could easily be disrupted or disintermediated through technology shifts, or as a result of changes in legislation or regulation. He is a stickler for accuracy and curious and well informed about global affairs, finance and the economy and applies his extensive knowledge and networks in consulting for both companies and investors.

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